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Tahquitz Rock Climbing Notes

Notes, recollections and comments regarding some of the routes at Tahquitz Rock, California..

Rock Upon Rock, Snow Upon Snow

In the early seventies a debate was raging over whether 3-pin bindings and light cross country equipment were suitable for long Sierra ski tours. This is an account of my first Trans-Sierra ski tour, an approximately 50 mile trip from Twin Lakes (near Bridgeport) to Yosemite, done on April 14-19, 1973. Also includes photographs from a repeat of this route during Easter week 1979.


Photography on the Run

Images taken on trail runs, primarily with ultra-compact cameras, in the Open Space and Wilderness areas of California, and beyond.

The Coyote Oak Journal

Nature notes, queries and commentary

Nature notes, queries and commentary

Notes about Southern California Weather & Climate

Southern California Weathernotes

Notes about Southern California Weather & Climate


Southern California Creeking

El Niño Madness, La Niña Blues

A Chronicle of Southern California Kayaking Adventures


Still and Slight

Anyone that spends much time pursuing an outdoor activity such as rock climbing, mountaineering, backcountry skiing, or kayaking will eventually find themselves racing the sun, and losing. An unplanned overnight bivi is a special experience. There is an intimate connection to the earth and sky. During the long night of one such bivi I wondered what it must be like to be a bird or an animal spending the night at high elevation.

Rosy Finches are small, sparrow like birds that eat insects that have been immobilized on the surface of snowfields and glaciers. Still and Slight is about a Rosy Finch waiting for dawn.


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Copyright © 1995-2021 Gary Valle'. All Rights Reserved.