Important Note!

This is NOT a guidebook. These are my notes and thoughts regarding some of the climbs I have done at Tahquitz Rock. They are based on recollections of more than 25 years of climbing at Tahquitz and as such,will most certainly contain errors and other inaccuracies.

These notes refer to routes that require specialized equipment, specialized training, a high level of fitness and good judgement to climb with an acceptable level of risk. It is impossible to avoid all risks when climbing. Hazards such as rocks falling from above, footholds or handholds breaking, and bad weather are a threat to even the most accomplished and well prepared climber.

Do not depend solely upon these notes when assessing a route. My strengths and fears may be very different from yours. You may waltz up a climb on which I experienced STARK TERROR. Something that was easy for me may be hard or dangerous for you. Your opinions regarding these routes will likely be different than mine!

These notes are not complete. Descriptions may be added, deleted or modified without notice, at any time. Some listed routes will have no description.

The most widely used guidebook for the area is Guide to Tahquitz and Suicide Rocks by Randy Vogel and Bob Gaines, published by Chockstone Press. In this document it is referred to as the "Guidebook."

Internet Climbing Resources

There is much climbing info on the Internet. Here are a few links:

Inclusion of a link does not constitute an endorsement.

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Accidents in North American Mountaineering
The American Alpine Club
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Rock Climbing Equipment and Techniques
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Somewhere Out There

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