Piru Creek, Entrance to the Falls Gorge

Piru Creek, Entrance to the "Falls" Gorge


Despite rumors to the contrary there is high quality boating in, and around, Los Angeles county. Piru Creek is just one of many excellent streams found in Southern California.

The extraordinary "Falls" gorge of Piru Creek looms downstream, while Gary Gunder rummages through his dry bag for a snack. This improbable appearing narrows is one of many memorable passages on the creek. In addition to stunning scenery it has excellent class III and IV rapids, and at least one class V-VI rapid, depending on the flow.

Inexplicably the Forest Service has withdrawn their recommendation the segment of Piru Creek from Pyramid dam to Piru reservoir be considered for Wild and Scenic status, citing unremarkable scenic value. Help correct this terrible error! See the action information on the Frenchmans Flat Campground to Lake Piru page of our Southern California Creeking web site.

Also see Middle Piru Creek by Charles Foster and Piru Creek (Friends of the River).

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