Névé Penitentes, Mt. Williamson

Névé Penitentes, Mt. Williamson


Phil Warrender walks through sun cups to the extreme, near the summit of Mt. Williamson (14,375 ft), the second highest peak in the Sierra. This particular ascent originated in the Owens Valley near the North Fork of Bairs Creek, and involved an elevation gain of about 9000 feet.

After relaxing on the summit for a few minutes, we starting searching for the "trap door" escape attributed to Walter A. Starr, Jr. Eventually we located it, and chuckled as we wiggled down through the hole and continued down the 3rd class rock below.

The "good" climbing did not last long. Plodding down the tedious chutes and talus slopes, we were thankful to reach a lake near "Williamson Bowl," where we could make a high camp.

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