Southern California Creeking

El Niño Madness,
La Niña Blues

A Chronicle of Southern California
Kayaking Adventures

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1994-95 Southern California Creeking

Avg. Gradient

Feb 5, 1995

Big Tujunga Creek, Big Tujunga Canyon Road to Wildwood Picnic Area.

3.6 67

Feb 15, 1995

Malibu Creek, Bridge near Tapia Park to Pacific Coast Hwy.

4.5 98

Feb 18, 1995

East Fork San Gabriel River, East Fork Station to Camp Oak Grove

4.0 105

Feb 25, 1995

East Fork San Gabriel River, Devil Gulch to East Fork Station

4.0 165

Mar 4, 1995

Scouted Malibu Creek.


Mar 11, 1995

Gary and Charles Foster's wild high water run on the East Fork San Gabriel. When the water is high, the East Fork moves down canyon like the proverbial “freight train” .


Mar 18, 1995

Piru Creek, Frenchmans Flat Campground to Lake Piru

15.3 + 3.0 64

Mar 25, 1995

Went to do Middle Piru Creek. Not enough water. Continued to the Kern instead.


Mar 26, 1995

Attempt on Upper Piru Creek with Brett and Topi. We had intended to run the 8 mile section from Gold Hill Road to Hardluck Camp, but aborted due to cold weather, silt filled eddies and tough rapids. According to the CDEC PIRU gage the flow was about 375 cfs. Instead, we hiked up about a mile from Gold Hill Camp and did part of the gorge there. In March 1998 Upper Piru was done from Mutau Flat to Pyramid Lake by Charles Foster, Keith Beck, Keith Richards-Dinger and Rick Norman. For details, see Charles Foster's description of Upper Piru Creek.



Piru Creek below Piru Dam.


Apr 5, 1995

Big Tujunga Creek, Camp Colby Rd. to gaging station downstream of Angeles Forest Hwy bridge

2.6 200

Apr 9, 1995

Big Rock Creek, Sycamore Flat Campground to Turnout on Valyermo Rd. 1/2 mile below Pallett Creek Road

5.4 148

Apr 14, 1995

West Fork San Gabriel River, Second Bridge on West Fork Trail to San Gabriel Reservoir

2.5 96

Apr 14, 1995

San Gabriel River, Downstream of Morris Dam to Bridge on Hwy. 39.

1.5 67

Apr 15, 1995

Big Tujunga Creek, Gaging station downstream of Angeles Forest Hwy bridge to Fireroad upstream of Big Tujunga Reservoir

1.15 209

Apr 19, 1995

Big Tujunga Creek, Delta Flats to Baseball Fields

2.6 92

Apr 22, 1995

Scouted Deep Creek.


Apr 27, 1995

Deep Creek, Hot Springs to Confluence with West Fork Mojave River

5.0 96

Apr 30, 1995

Little Rock Creek, Cooper Canyon to the South Fork (This run is currently closed.)

7.3 219

Southern California Creeking
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