Southern California Creeking
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Santa Ana River

Filaree Flats to confluence with Deer Creek



San Bernardino National Forest, northeast of Redlands, California


Filaree Flats (4500'). Turnout with two tall pines was 1.2-1.3 miles down Forest Service 1N09. A fisherman’s trail leads to the river. This avoids several portages due to wood if you put-in at the bridge on Seven Oaks Rd.


1) 160   2) 280   3) 360
Average: 270 fpm


Confluence with Deer Creek (3686').


Put in at 9:15 and took out at 3:00. About same water level as when we did the bottom mile. Many good drops. Two excellent bed-rock gorges. Lots of wood.

Here is a Trip Report that combines the segments from Seven Oaks Rd. down to The Bear Creek diversion dam.

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Southern California Creeking
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