Southern California Creeking
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East Fork San Gabriel River

Devil Gulch to East Fork Station



Angeles National Forest, north of Los Angeles, California


Just below Devil Gulch (2560')


1) 180   2) 200   3) 160   4) 160
Average: 165 fpm


East Fork Station. at the end of East Fork Rd. (1900')


We had nearly ideal conditions for doing this run. Earlier floods had flushed the stream course of most of the debris and strainers and we had enough water to provide good coverage. The first two miles had the most difficult rapids, including some interesting boulder gardens. The last two miles were generally fun and fast. Watch out for blind corners and strainers. Paddlers doing this run in other years have aborted it due to too many strainers.

The hike up-river from East Fork Station involved many stream crossings. A road (far) above the river has been used as an approach by other paddlers.

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Southern California Creeking
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