Brush Creek

Brush Creek is a tributary of the Kern River (CA), that joins the Kern at Brush Creek rapid on the Limestone run, about a quarter mile downstream from the Johnsondale bridge. In boater's parlance it is a "steep creek," dropping 550 vertical feet in a little more than a mile. If you enjoy steep, rocky drops and running waterfalls, this is a classic.

The traditional put-in for the run is at Rincon Camp. This can be reached by driving up Sherman Pass Road to the helicopter pad and then following the sign down to Rincon Camp. Many boaters park at the helicopter pad and hike down to the creek, bypassing the initial brushy segment of the run, and the rough road down to the put-in.

The majority of the drops are generally run, but most boaters portage at a few points depending on their perception of the hazards and the current conditions. Also note that the largest waterfall would be a real hassle to portage. Portions of the creek can be seen from Sherman Pass Road, and a use trail has evolved on river right on the lower part of the run. I understand it is possible to hike the entire length of the run, although I'm sure that at a couple of points some rock scrambling would be required.

A good source for additional information on this run is Tom Moore at Sierra South in Kernville, at 760-376-3745.

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